Richard Morrow- Life Long Artist


Richard Morrow: Artist and father of Alexandria Morrow. The painting you see in “Father Earth, Mother Sky” digital art and animation was painted by Alexandria’s father, a life long devoted artist. He agreed to allow her to incorporate this into Alexandria’s work in her first NFT project.

In his own words:

“To start at the beginning, since my first breath I was aware of my opposable thumbs and I knew already to not look at things the way most other people do.

On my amazing journey through this life, back to the source of all life, I have maintained the view that the Arts and the Sciences and the Religions of this world, are a unified whole and are not to be separated.

As a lifelong multidisciplinary artist and resident of the Santa Fe area, and frequent guest of the islands of Hawaii, I have gathered Immense Inspiration from the diverse panoramas and cultures of these fabulous locations.

When asked the question, “What do I do for a living, my response has been “I am an artist.” Then asked, `you mean you’ve never had a job? ” to which I replied “I mean I’ve never had a day off and I will never retire for I AM an Artist thru & thru to the moon & back.”

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Rapture over 2020

Music Artist Collaborators: Nadine Casanova ( Kalibri) and Produced by DTO Music ( song: Be Free “Breathe”)-@spiritofkalibri @dtomusic

Richard Morrow the artist has nothing to do with this piece but the ocean piece of model holding painting in her hand..

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