Best WEB 3.0 NFT ART Event

Space Blue, BitBasel, and Modernist came together to host the Lunar Gallery, a series of art exhibits held in several locations during Miami Art Week/Art Basel Miami, 2023.

Art At The Intersection of Space:

The Lunar Gallery was fueled by interest in taking digital and analog inscribed art to the moon for archiving in a lunar museum there in January 2024 and missions later in the year as well. The mission (Lunaprise) art the curation are done by Space Blue, a web 3.0 artist management and curating team that spans many years in technology, film, the arts, music, and space. Learn more about the mission at

Featured artwork selected for the Lunar Art Gallery included

Michael Nash’s SpaceMan, The 9th Raider Film and Art Project- Lunar Records 60s Space Rock and Summer of Love collection, Ryūzan-FACE the DRAGON, 47-Ronin inspired art collection by Sir Godric Rei8n, Iconic world-class photographer Pepe Soho- Marshmello To the Moon-Stacy Engman’s Celestial Art Collection, Climate Refugees Lunar Art Exhibit (based on the award-winning documentary), NFT Blue Studios’s “Ocean Light” (Filmmaker-Artist Dallas Santana and Kalibri) and Ascension 2020-(NFT Blue-Dallas Santana collaboration with Alexandria Morrow), MaxiArts/Roger Sichel’s 1969 dated Woodstock collection and Isla Moon and a collection of artwork by Bitbasels SDG art initiatives (Rainer Wenzl, Alejandro Glatt, Sam Price, Priscilla D’Britto, Guillermina Blancarte, Pilar Cote, Superama), Florian Reinhardt photography of 1000 exit Signs all over the world, Rudolf Budja, Crystal Paris, Markus Klinko and David Bendavid


The Art exhibits took place at Kimpton Surf Comber Hotel and also The National Hotel, Miami Beach Floor on December 5th, and 6th, 2023

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