Hooranky AIP


$10,000 in Surprise AIP tokens given away randomly to up 10 of the first 1000 registrants for free pre registration of Hooranky NFT sale+

Over $100,00 USD in free surprise AIP token bonuses will be given away during the Hooranky NFT actual sale as surprise bonus gifts.+

+. AIP token is the sole party responsible for the administration and delivery of its promotion and the contest rules which will be updated at www.nftblue.com and online at the sales listing site.


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What is NFT Blue?

Full Service Studio for NFT content creation

+We curate art and content In house and collaborate with other art studios and artists worldwide.

+We build sophisticated NFT buying communities (both NFT art collectors globally and sophisticated institutional investors and venture capitalists looking for NFT projects) around artists.

NFT Blue has an agnostic approach, helping navigate a roadmap for creators and in house curated projects through both long term community building strategies, and direct offerings around NFT art communities, as well as introducing projects to its global network of NFT exchanges, marketplaces, and buyers, while leveraging its connections to a sophisticated investor network.

Projects we select, tap our media partnership: tapping into our digital and media partners that reach over 300 million+ in the global NFT buying community ( including digital marketing- promotions on the clubhouse, telegram marketing to buyers, exposure in media ( such as Bloomberg, Fox Business, Cheddar News, and many media partners worldwide in over 90 countries that help get the word out).

NFT Blue is a division of M Digital Studios, Inc (“Momentum”) of Beverly Hills, California, a high-tech blockchain group with nearly half a decade in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space along with its investment partners. It has already launched projects with market valuations of over $5 billion, including the first blockchain sports streaming platform, the first major blockchain motion picture platform with major Hollywood and “Indie” titles, and the first blockchain music platform. Before NFT’s were even a buzzword, the company launched the first collectible sneaker as an NFT, the first celebrity pet as an NFT and event minted NFT physical experiences to be redeemed for buyers to hang out with stars on the ski slopes, and in elite lounges at Sundance Film Festival. And that was more than 2 years ago.

Over $125 million in IP rights for iconic art, iconic film assets, super rare music, rare cars and collectible motorcycles, and sports properties, have been secured by NFT Blue as of April, 2021

NFT Blue partnerships give its NFT drops direct reach to over 300 million art lovers and fans on social media, in the clubhouse, the exclusive celebrity podcast platform with its advisory team, and to Bloomberg TV, Fox Business through the NASDAQ TV platform it co-produces.

Industry Trends Some of the Most Expensive NFTs Sold

NFT Blue was formed by a blockchain media fund that gives its NFT drops and exchange partners, access to its global financial syndication network.  NFT Blue IP drops come baked with direct access and promotion to over 650 Cryptocurrency venture funds, family offices, and blockchain funds worldwide with over $1 trillion in AUM ( assets under management).